The 4-Door Porsche Sedan Isn’t Doomed Just Yet



  • The current generation Porsche Panamera is overdue for an update, and the upcoming 2024 model is expected to bring some impressive upgrades to save the badge.
  • Recent spy shots reveal that the new Panamera will feature an improved and more modern design, with changes to the headlights and a more aggressive front grille.
  • The interior of the new Panamera is likely to have a similar layout to the Cayenne SUV, with a range of screens and a possible power hike and new V-8 engine for improved performance.

The current generation of the Porsche Panamera is now over seven years old and some would say that it’s past its prime for a new generation. The German automaker has opted to unleash a much-anticipated update for the performance sedan. We’ve recently seen them make some heavy changes to the Cayenne SUV and it looks like the Panamera is next. This makeover means that the Panamera will feature some (hopefully) impressive upgrades.

Looking at sales numbers from 2021, the Taycan EV is a huge hit. This has spelled doom for the Panamera, with the Taycan eating into a large chunk of the combustion-powered sedan’s sales numbers. This new generation of the Panamera could feature just enough upgrades to save the badge.

Fresh new spy shots give us some indication of the direction that Porsche is taking with these upgrades. There are definitely some signals that the Panamera is due to feature an improved and more modern design. The prototype seen stretching its legs on the Nürburgring may have some camouflage to disguise these upgrades, but there’s evidence of some changes afoot.

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The 2024 Panamera Is In For A Visual Overhaul

One of the most obvious changes is to the headlights. Despite Porsche’s efforts to hide them behind stickers, these new spy shots all but confirm that the new set of lights for the Panamera will use the new HD Matrix Design LED technology that is featured on the updated Cayenne. These headlights house 16,000 individual LEDs that operate to be twice as bright as Porsche’s previous headlight technology. They are capable of illuminating objects up to 600 meters away according to Porsche.

These headlights aren’t the only changes to the front end of the Panamera, with the grille taking on a much more aggressive look. The taller intake vents vary incredibly from the look of the 2023 model. Turning to the rear, the differences continue with a much boxy look, again embracing the new aggressive persona. It also seems to feature a light bar very reminiscent of the one of the Taycan. The rear deployable multi-element spoiler seems to have remained from the previous generation, but it looks much more at home with the other design changes.

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If It Follows The Trend Of The Cayenne, The New Panamera Could See Some Serious Improvements

Side shot of the 2024 Porsche Panamera prototype

Comparisons between this refresh of the Panamera and the previous changes on the Cayenne probably won’t end with headlights. It’s likely that the Panamera will feature a similar interior layout to Porsche’s SUV. Based on the last set of spy photos we can expect a wide range of screens; a 12.3-inch infotainment, a 12.6-inch fully digital driver display, and a completely separate screen on the passenger side at around 10.9-inches.

Without getting a look under the hood of the new Panamera, we can only guess at what kind of upgrades will be made in the power department. Hopefully, this means a power hike across the board for all powertrain options. What is also a possibility is a completely new V-8 engine to replace the existing V-6. The spy shots only show the passenger side of the sedan so its unclear whether it features a charging port but making the Panamera a plug-in hybrid would be a smart move by the automaker.

Porsche hasn’t made any official announcements about the release date of the 2024 Panamera but as Q3 is now well under way it should be soon. The Panamera has desperately needed some new life breathed into it and hopefully the upgrades being made to the 2024 model will bring this sporty sedan back into the limelight.


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