This Porsche 911 Test Mule Sure Sounds Like the New GT2 RS


Porsche just gave the 911 a big update for 2025, including a new hybrid system for the GTS trim, a first for the nameplate. While a battery-powered 911 is cool, we’re more excited for what’s coming next for the 992 platform: A new GT2 RS

Like the 991-generation 911 before it, the 992 is expected to receive a heavy-hitter turbocharged GT2 trim in the second half of its lifecycle, or sometime in the next year. This test mule spotted at the Nurburgring is proof.

The CarSpyMedia YouTube channel spotted this 911 driving on and around the Nurburgring in Germany recently. From the outside, it looks exactly like the current GT3 RS which, if you know your Porsches, is a naturally aspirated model. It even has huge decals on each side reading “GT3 RS.” Listen closely to the exhaust, though, and it’s easy to hear that something’s off.

Gone is the high-pitch wail from the 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat-six, in its place a more guttural, deeper, less vocal exhaust note. This car sounds nothing like the current GT3 RS. In fact, it sounds far closer to the last-generation GT2 RS.

It’s not surprising to see Porsche testing the upcoming GT2 RS in the GT3 RS’s body. The last-generation car used much of the GT3’s body and aerokit, albeit with some small changes to the front and rear fascias. 

The last-generation GT2 RS was the apex predator of the 991-generation 911 lineup. In 2017 it set the record for fastest rear-drive production car at the Nurburgring thanks to its wild aero and 700-horsepower twin-turbo flat-six. Then it set the overall record in 2021 with help from an upgrade kit from Manthey Performance. Considering just how far the 992’s aerodynamics and suspension have advanced since then, this new one should be even crazier.


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